Thankfulness • Appreciation • Recognition • Gratitude

Thankfulness • Appreciation • Recognition • Gratitude

Thankfulness • Appreciation • Recognition • Gratitude

Positive sharing...

About the Appreciation Board®

It's not just what it is. It's what it does.


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Through our own experience we recognized that positive communication is something we all crave. Whether we feel content, or not, we are always glad when someone takes the time to share something positive with us and we want to help make it easy.


We created the Appreciation Board® to be a conveniently simple tool to help share positive communication, such as: acknowledgements, positive recognition, and appreciation.


Did you know that for many there is a feeling of discontent in their lives, and it is because of a longing – a longing for a sense of assurance that they belong, are appreciated, and loved. Abraham Maslow theorized that sometimes the need to feel like we belong and are accepted by our peers will overrule our drive to meet our physical needs. This can be particularly true with children. Do we need to let this be when it can be so simple to change it?

Positive sharing creates positive change.

With the Appreciation Board® it is easy to respond to that longing for a sense of assurance… within others, or ourselves.


Remember, all it takes is a moment to write a quick note to someone that essentially says, “You mean something…” and as we have seen, the gesture lives on long after the pen is put down.

"The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated." - William James
Our Mission

To create change in the world by encouraging others to share positive communication and to develop tools that make sharing easy.
We Commit

To conducting our behavior with the values of honesty, integrity, and respect. To creating and nurturing our relationships with honor, sincerity, and appreciation.